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barang james bond kini boleh jadi milik anda

suka tengok citer james bond tak? aku...hmm sangat suka. hehe...terutama bila heronya si james bond tu ialah pierce brosnan dulu, i tertawan you.. arghhh gatal lah pulak!

ni nak habaq mai kat hangpa....

la ni  barang-barang james bond boleh dibeli... ya kita boleh milikinya...nak tak?

Tie Camera
Ever wondered why James Bond likes to appear in a suit?

Tie Camera
This could be a huge hidden reason. A pinhole camera concealed behind a tie is the perfect spying weapon in a ballroom or social function. Your long tie allows a range of positions for your camera to take cover behind, with the chest level often the best height for surveying big spaces. With memory chips becoming smaller each day, this gadget becomes even more viable.
maaf ya, aku malas nak translate. ambil dari yahoo ni. 
okey, gadget kedua.....
Watch Voice Recorder
Watch Voice Recorder

With a visual comes audio. As a quintessential complement to your tie camera and social conferences, the Watch Voice Recorder does exactly what its name suggests; record conversations and other key audio media into a digital format. Only a small recording device is required to be inserted under, or for the hardcore, into, your watch. Play back incriminating evidence directly from your watch in MP3 format.
yang ni best...
Mini Wireless Earpiece
Mini Wireless Earpiece

No spy job is complete without intermissions and point-man communications. Play some Metal Gear Solid games and you’ll get what we mean. For those serving as the point-man on some do-or-die real time missions, the mini wireless earpiece is an absolute necessity. Simply hook the concealed piece in your ear and start receiving instructions from your mission’s facilitator in real time.
last sekali...
Keystroke Loggers
Mini Wireless Earpiece

This is a computer-dominated age and with that, spies nowadays clearly have to stay up to date. A keystroke logger plugs directly into a computer and records all the numerous keyboard inputs entered onto the keyboard. The significance of this device is that it allows you to steal passwords and other confidential information by working back the inputs on, yes, a computer.
eh ada lagi laa....
Sonic Nausea
Sonic Nausea

In tough situations where your spying mission has gone awry and need to make a quick exit out of the scene, jam the Sonic Nausea. Only requiring a 9-Volt battery, it causes ejection of high-frequency sound waves which can bring nausea and a great sense of discomfort to your immediate surroundings. Take advantage of this time to make good your escape! 
nak beli kat mana? entah.. cubalah layari sini

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